Sprint API Testing Platform

Sprint is a modern way to

Simple, extensible API Testing Platform for managing your API test cases and suites.

Organize your sprint test management effortlessly with a user-friendly list view that groups all test cases based on their respective test suites.

Unlike typical API platforms, we keep things simple and modern.

Sprint stands out from other API platforms like Postman, Insomnia offering a more tailored approach to managing test suites and test cases.

Choose from a variety of storage options.

Sprint is available in both cloud and on-premise options, aligning with our mission of prioritizing privacy from the start.

Executing runs across multiple environments.

Run test suites simultaneously across multiple environments, enabling quicker and more accurate regression reports.

Prioritize, execute, and iterate.

Streamline the process of prioritizing your test suites and test cases effortlessly, while seamlessly assigning them to team members.

Delivering cutting-edge design for test suite management in the industry.

By incorporating inline reporting, we guarantee a thorough overview of test suite execution and management, providing complete visibility into the entire process.

Sprint testsuites

Efficient management of test data.

Sprint comes equipped with built-in dynamic test data management, offering the flexibility to store request and response values as environment variables that can be seamlessly passed on to subsequent test cases or test suites.

Data aware testing cyles

Effortlessly execute across various testing cycles, including smoke and regression, with no modifications needed at the code or test level.

Integrated data models for seamless functionality.

Automatically generating test data for you, Sprint promotes the reusability of schemas, enhancing efficiency in data management.

Efficient data management that adapts seamlessly to the flow.

Establishing seamless connections among all test suites and cases through reusable, configurable data models, and environment variables.

Pioneering the integration of API tests into our management suite.

Never be without your essential tool—Sprint has everything you need, so you can stay focused with running your testsuites and perfecting your API.

Effortlessly organize Sprint test suites and test cases using a Kanban board, assign users, and establish priorities with ease.

We've only just begun, and there's a world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

Sprint is available for macOS, Windows and web

Sprint consistently prioritize local storage over cloud-based options. This approach benefits us in two significant ways: it helps to minimize our costs and ensures the privacy of your data.